Jupiter or Maestro Edge, who will give mileage of 62 kmpl for less price, read full details


If you are thinking of buying a scooter, then know here before that. Who is in TVS Jupiter vs Hero Maestro Edge scooter with more mileage in less price?

Among the companies whose scooters are sold the most in the country, the names of companies like Honda, TVS, Hero and Suzuki remain at the top. Whose scooters like Activa, Jupiter, Maestro, Access remain the top selling scooters.

If you also want to buy a scooter, then here we are going to tell you the complete information about those two scooters of these major companies which can fit perfectly in your budget.

In this comparison, we have chosen TVS’s Jupiter and Hero Maestro. In which you will know here every little and big information related to the price, mileage, features, and specification of these two. So that you can choose the right option for you.

TVS Jupiter: TVS Jupiter India is the company’s best selling and second best selling scooter in India. The company has launched this scooter in five variants.

The first variant of Jupiter is Sheet Metal White, the second variant is STD and the third variant is ZX. In Jupiter, the company has given a single cylinder 109.7 cc engine. This engine can generate 7.47 PS of power and 8.4 Nm of torque.

The front wheel of this scooter has a disc brake and the rear wheel has a drum brake. The tires of the scooter are given tubeless. The transmission of the scooter is automatic. (read this alsoTop 3 bikes that smell petrol, give mileage up to 100 kmpl)

Regarding the mileage of Jupiter, Hero claims that it gives a mileage of 62.4 kmpl. The starting price of this scooter is Rs 65,673 which goes up to Rs 75,773 in the top model.

Hero Maestro Edge 110: Hero Maestro Edge is an attractively designed scooter. Which the company has launched in three variants. Its first variant is drum brake alloy wheel FI, second variant alloy wheel FI and third variant 100 million edition.

This scooter has been given a single cylinder 110.9 cc engine. This engine generates power of 8.15 PS and torque of 8.7 Nm. The transmission of the scooter is automatic.

The front wheel of the scooter has a disc brake and the rear wheel has a drum brake. The tires of the scooter are given tubeless. The starting price of Maestro is Rs 64,250 which goes up to Rs 67,250 in the top model.


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